Famous payment platforms from Europe

Europe is a huge market, with consumers using different payment methods and consumer behavior varying greatly from one country to another. Nevertheless, several big companies have popped up to cater to the growing needs of their European customers. Some of these companies are Bancontact, Ingenico, and Skrill.


WePay is a payment gateway that enables a business to accept credit and debit card payments. Its software platform is user-friendly, scalable, and secure. It accepts payment in many currencies and supports a wide range of card types, including American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. Users can also enter their email addresses to receive reminders about payments.


Skrill is an online payment system that users can open and operate through a mobile app. It offers the highest security levels and supports any type of transaction. It also offers 80 direct bank connections and a recurring payment system.


Ingenico is one of the largest payment solutions companies in the world, powering commerce across all channels. With over 8,000 employees and operations in more than 170 countries, Ingenico is a trusted partner for global brands and small merchants alike.


Bancontact is one of the most widely used payment platforms in Europe. It provides customers with a safe and fast payment channel. Moreover, its mobile app allows users to conduct payments while they are on the go. A customer simply needs to enter a four-digit pin code or a PIN to validate a transaction. 3D Secure technology ensures transaction security.

When it comes to online payments, Bancontact has a strong hold over the Dutch market. This payment method has an outstanding reputation for safety and convenience. It can be used across different channels and even on the go through an app. Furthermore, it is free of charge and has a 100% payment guarantee.

Bancontact is a leading online payment method in Belgium, where more than 15 million cards are in circulation. Bancontact allows Belgian customers to make payments through a safe and secure banking environment. Bancontact cards can be used to pay through websites, mobile apps, and even their own bank accounts. Payments through Bancontact are secured and guaranteed, and the customer is notified immediately whether their transaction was successful or unsuccessful.


iDeal is a payment method based in the Netherlands that allows customers to make online payments. It is operated by Currence, a group of major Dutch banks. iDeal is the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands, with 84 percent of Dutch consumers using it for their online purchases. iDeal payments are completely irrevocable and are confirmed immediately.

iDEAL is the leading online payment method in the Netherlands, allowing consumers to pay online securely with their bank account. This payment method has high conversion rates and is supported by all the major Dutch banks. It offers low transaction fees and guarantees the merchant’s payment. It also has a strong brand image with consumers. Merchants that accept iDEAL report a sharp increase in conversion rates.

Square offers integration with your accounting software

Square offers integration with your accounting software for ease of use and functionality. Using the Square app, you can view sales, taxes, fees, tips, and more in your Xero account. As both Square and Xero operate in the cloud, you can access your data from anywhere. Square also offers a variety of features that simplify accounting and prevent costly mistakes.

Whether you use QuickBooks, Xero, or another software program, Square makes accepting credit cards as easy as possible. Square’s interface integrates with your accounting software and even calculates taxes on the backend, leaving you free to focus on running your business. The Square interface allows you to see sales activity and cash flow in real time, so you can manage your business more efficiently.