Dear Healthcare Worker Families, 

Thank you so much for your interest in DC COVID Sitters. 

Over the last month and especially the last two weeks, we’ve seen a decline in student sitter availability as many have returned to clinical duties and other academic commitments etc. We anticipate that the reopening of DC and the surrounding areas will further reduce our pool of sitters.

As of June 15th, we have begun a transition process to close our service and are unfortunately unable to take any new requests.

Below are resources for other child care services: 

  • Maryland COVID Sitters - https://www.mdcovidsitters.org/
  • Emergency Childcare Initiative for Healthcare Professionals in partnership with the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, DC Hospital Association and DC Primary Care Association to support the child care needs of our healthcare workforce. Please refer to https://octo.quickbase.com/db/bqemsh3a6 for more information 
  • The Childcare Subsidy/Voucher Program can provide financial support for childcare.
  • DC Child Care Connections can help connect families with licensed child care providers who have remained open. Please call (202) 829-2500 or email osse.dcchildcareconnections@dc.gov to find out more.

We have grown to love our DC COVID Sitter family and it has been our honor to match students and families to help alleviate the burden that COVID-19 has put on you as first responders. If there is a second wave of the virus, we will be back and ready to help again.

Best regards,

DC COVID Sitters


For more information about COVID 19: CDCWashington DC

If you have any questions about us please reach out to us here.

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Special thanks to MN COVID Sitters and Healthcare Workers Childcare Co-op for their invaluable help at the beginning stages of our efforts

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